15 Aug 2011

Hello everyone,
how is your summer going? Hope all of you is having the best summer.
I have set up a new tumblr site that is going to take over my blog.
So please keep coming and check it out!

1 Aug 2011


Before I am really kicked out of the school :)
luckily I will have a show at SVA Gallery in the main building.
Also my Manhattan painting will be hanging on the window at SVA building.
The reception is on 8th of August, 5 - 7pm,
please stop by if you have a chance, I will have two more paintings inside the gallery,
and also there are a lot of talented and great artists work will be showing at the show.
Hope to see you there.

9 Jul 2011

Getting image ready for screenprint!

Okay, I have been having fun with this drawing all day long
having a movie 'interview with the vampire' as a background.
The movie is old but so perfect for a sticky n boiling day like today. :)
Anyway, I am very excited to colour this image digitally and
probably getting it screen printed for some tote bags and t-shirts!

2 Jul 2011

Check out my new blog for "Dear Anne" story

It has been a while since I worked on the book "Dear Anne".
I made a new blog to post only "Dear Anne" stuff.
It will be updated regularly again.
So please visit it often!
Thank you!

28 Jun 2011

Trading artwork.

Last week, I received a great package full of awesome zines from Michelle.
And now it's my turn to send her back my stuff. Hope it finds her well.
And if anyone who wants to trade work with me please let me know. heyheysu@gmail.com
I still have a lot of "Dear Anne" zines that I love to contribute to anyone who wants.

We moved to a new studio!!!!

Yesterday, I moved to a new studio with my lovely classmates,
now studio mates, here we are!! So exciting and ready to make some artwork.
This is my space.
This is Ben's space www.benvoldman.com
Here is Chi's space www.chibirmingham.com
Here is Pat's space www.patkinsella.com

27 Jun 2011

At last, window installation is done!!!

Last night, I have spent hours and hours on installation at Desert Island in Brooklyn.
It was really really fun and different although it needed a lot of physical work.
I loved it. If you are in the city, please come and check it out!

23 Jun 2011

Zines by Michelle Chrzanowski

Wow!! I just got a mailer from talented artist Michelle Chrzanowski,
and it totally made my day. (We are supposed to trade our zines!!)
There were three new awesome zines and those littile brilliant cut-out characters,
which are really cute and the zines are so funny and whimsical.
Here is the website www.flickr.com/gingerpocket
Thank you Michelle! They are fantastic!

"Desert Island" window installation!

I have been working on 3D... ish work for the window installation
for Desert Island.(www.desertislandbrooklyn.com)
It's really fun to play with paper cut-out faces and hang them to see how they work together.
It still needs a lot of work, and hopefully I can get it done by Saturday
so that I can install them this Sunday. It's so exciting! :)

14 Jun 2011

"Good Luck!"

It's been so crazy since graduation at SVA.
I knew that it would be crazy, but it is so much more frustrating than I thought it would be.
Well, but at the same time I am wondering why I feel so frustrated and stressful.
Anyway, images above are for the show "Bad Luck Club"
And I wish you Good Luck! :)

8 Jun 2011

"Kokoro summer group show' on progress

'Bad Luck Club' show on progress _01

Okay, it was soooo hot today and I felt so lucky that I was at studio working on stuff all day long for th show 'Bad Luck Club' curated by Aya Kakeda who was my advisor at SVA. By the way, she is a great great great artist. Here is her website www.ayakakeda.com Anyway, I have been thinking about what are some things that cause bad luck? Well, stepping on dog poo? passing by a black cat? walking under a ladder? killing ladybugs? etc?

6 Jun 2011

Working on a new zine

Working on a slim-down version of 'Dear Anne' book.
I am excited to give them away. Hopefully they will find right audiences.
Anyone wants one, please let me know I would love to send you one out.
Email me if you want one heyheysu@gmail.com

5 Jun 2011

He was sold!! Goooood!

My 'Lucky Cat' got sold at 'Dear Japan' Show last night.
Great!!! Thanks for the person who bought him!
Hope it brings you lots of luck!