23 Jun 2011

Zines by Michelle Chrzanowski

Wow!! I just got a mailer from talented artist Michelle Chrzanowski,
and it totally made my day. (We are supposed to trade our zines!!)
There were three new awesome zines and those littile brilliant cut-out characters,
which are really cute and the zines are so funny and whimsical.
Here is the website www.flickr.com/gingerpocket
Thank you Michelle! They are fantastic!

"Desert Island" window installation!

I have been working on 3D... ish work for the window installation
for Desert Island.(www.desertislandbrooklyn.com)
It's really fun to play with paper cut-out faces and hang them to see how they work together.
It still needs a lot of work, and hopefully I can get it done by Saturday
so that I can install them this Sunday. It's so exciting! :)