8 Jun 2011

"Kokoro summer group show' on progress

'Bad Luck Club' show on progress _01

Okay, it was soooo hot today and I felt so lucky that I was at studio working on stuff all day long for th show 'Bad Luck Club' curated by Aya Kakeda who was my advisor at SVA. By the way, she is a great great great artist. Here is her website www.ayakakeda.com Anyway, I have been thinking about what are some things that cause bad luck? Well, stepping on dog poo? passing by a black cat? walking under a ladder? killing ladybugs? etc?

6 Jun 2011

Working on a new zine

Working on a slim-down version of 'Dear Anne' book.
I am excited to give them away. Hopefully they will find right audiences.
Anyone wants one, please let me know I would love to send you one out.
Email me if you want one heyheysu@gmail.com

5 Jun 2011

He was sold!! Goooood!

My 'Lucky Cat' got sold at 'Dear Japan' Show last night.
Great!!! Thanks for the person who bought him!
Hope it brings you lots of luck!