11 Jul 2009

First night in New York City.
It was the biggest COCKROACH I've ever seen in my life.
I've been told that in USA,
everything is a lot bigger than I can ever imagine,
such as burgers, buildings and people.
EVEN cockroaches.
Studying abroad teaches me something I can't learn in books.

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Rain said...

Hi Heysu, thanks for adding me. I linked you on my site (^_^)

I noticed you studied Illustration in Camberwell. I was considering going to Camberwell for the same course, but then ended up going to Central St Martins instead doing an academic degree in curation, haha. In some ways though I was able to pursue illustration for certain projects.

This is a cute drawing. I hate roaches and unfortunately the biggest ones seem to be here in Manila! (o_O)

Keep making great drawings!